We recommend you have something to eat prior to your tattoo appointment to maintain energy during the process.  Food is not allowed in the studio but you may bring a closed drink with you.  You may bring someone with you but they will not be allowed in the area where you will be getting the tattoo.


Once you arrive for your appointment you will be required to fill out a form and show Photo Identification if it is requested. You will be asked to provide Identification if you look 25 years or younger.  Failure to provide identification upon request will result in your appointment being canceled and possibly your deposit being forfeited, so make sure you have it on you on the day.


Most designs will be stenciled on your body so you can see the placement of the tattoo before it is put in permanently.  Some designs require some freehand work which will allow you to see their placement as well.  We are flexible and are happy to take time for this process since your design is permanent and is a lifetime decision.

If you are uncomfortable during the tattoo and would like to stretch or move simply let the artist know, however if you feel faint or ill please notify the artist immediately. 


Once the tattoo is complete we will let you have a look at the work and will then wrap it in plastic wrap.  Your artist will tell you how to take care of your new tattoo and will also give you an aftercare sheet with instructions for you to follow.

Payment for the tattoo can be made once the artist has informed you of the final cost.
 We do not have an EFTPOS machine in store so we accept cash only.

Dee Why Tattoo  Manly Tattoo

Tattoo Process