Ara Lee


Ara’s love for ornamental tattooing can be traced back to her childhood when she dreamed of travelling to India as she was fascinated by Indian patterns and Mehndi art. Her artistic desires led her into becoming a makeup artist where she could apply her artistic abilities and make others feel beautiful at the same time. 

Ara started getting tattoos in 2016 and fell in love with the craft after seeing first hand how an artist can leave a lifetime impression on someone with their creativity.  The idea of leaving permanent designs on one's body to engrave their style and portray their identity through design and artwork fascinated her. 

In 2018 Ara became a tattoo artist herself and saw the great opportunities tattooing gives you allowing her to travel the world discovering new people and diverse cultures. Her travels took her to Australia in 2021, where she joined the Whistler Street Tattoo team for a tattoo expo in Sydney. Her experience in Australia left a lasting impression on her, and she decided to return to Sydney after travelling to Canada and her home in South Korea. She loved Australia so much that she joined the team for another tattoo expo in 2023 and applied for a New South Wales (NSW) Tattoo Licence. Her dreams came true when her licence was approved and she became a resident artist at Whistler Street Tattoo, marking a significant step in her tattooing career and her commitment to being an artist.

Ara’s style is decorative and ornamental, which she loves to tattoo in black and colour as well. Her work and style is a culmination of her love for Mehndi art and her passion for learning from others who she has met through her extensive travels of the world.