Caio Munhoz


Caio is a talented tattoo artist with a passion for his craft. He began drawing at a young age and started his journey into tattooing around 2011 with an apprenticeship from the talented black and grey artist Cigano Aguillera.

Caio spent the first five years of his tattooing career in his native country, Brazil, honing his skills and building a foundation in the art. In 2016, he made the move to Australia, where he continued to refine his craft. His work is heavily influenced by graffiti and street art, and he particularly favours the neotraditional style, although he's versatile and enjoys working with various tattoo styles.

Over the past seven years, he has continued to evolve his unique tattooing style by working alongside numerous talented artists in Sydney. His journey eventually led him to Manly in 2023, where he became a part of the Whistler Street Tattoo team.

Caio takes great pride in his work and enjoys the creative process of adapting his designs for tattoos that will become a permanent part of his clients' lives. He is grateful for the opportunities that tattooing has provided him and values the connections he has made with both fellow artists and the customers he meets along the way.