Charles Walsh


Charles has had a passion for tattoos from a very young age. At 14 he began painting flash utilising images from classic American Traditional tattooing. While he was still in high school he began spending time at Dee Why Tattoo, where he refined his drawing skills and took on various tasks related to tattooing.

When Charles turned 18 he officially became an apprentice at Whistler Street Tattoo. His enthusiasm for tattooing continued to grow, and he began accumulating a collection of tattoos from renowned tattoo artists both in Australia and from overseas.

Charles has been a tattoo artist since the year 2000 enabling him to tattoo his favourite American Traditional flash on clients both young and old. Working out of a bustling street shop like Whistler Street Tattoo has allowed him to not only focus on his favourite style but also become proficient in creating various walk-in tattoos that customers request when they come into the shop. This experience has made him a versatile and skilled tattoo artist capable of delivering a wide range of tattoo designs for his clients.