Mika Tachibana


Mika began her career under the highly-respected banner of Rick Nash & Janine Kite, to whom she remains grateful and honoured to this day. Her apprenticeship commenced in 2017 under the watchful eye of Brendan O’Connor on behalf of Rick Nash. Mika worked long hours in the centre of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, and began to develop her passion for Japanese-influenced artwork. During that time she developed a work ethic that is second to none and loves creating unique designs to accommodate her clients desires. Mika gets her inspiration from all styles but is particularly inspired by Hokusai, Yoshitoshi and Kawanabe Kyosai.

She made the move to Sydney in 2021 and began working at Whistler Street Tattoo where she has remained humble and stays focused on improving her craft. She seeks to constantly evolve her style and push the boundaries of what is possible with sumi ink and skin. Although her favourite style is Japanese influenced she is proficient with many others and welcomes all walk-in clients who come to the studio. Mika firmly believes that tattoos should remain deeply personal and that the process of making indelible marks should be a meaningful and transformative experience for both artist and client as well.